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Monrovia in 3 hours
A historic tour around and
about in the capital of Africa’s 
first independent state.

Canoeing on the Du River 3h
A ride in a hand carved canoe 
paddled by one of the expert 
Canoers surrounded by mangroves 
with roots entangled along the Du River, you  could see exotic birds and plants. 

Country shop & Pepper soup 3 h
Learn about the traditional Liberian cuisine. After the 3 hour session you will know how to prepare a tasty pepper soup and  tasty country shop.

Golf & Rubber Plantation,1 day
Pick up at 7am heading to Firestone for a golf tour followed by lunch at Firestone plantation. Before leaving the plantation you will know all about how the trees are tapped and how the rubber is made.

Blue Lake, 1 day
A manmade lake accidentaly found during a mining expedition. Today the lake supplies mineral water to Liberians. Go for a hike, take a swim or just hang out enjoying the atmosphere.

’Monkey Island’ 1 day
Head out into the lagoon and the labyrinth of small islands by  dugout canoe to visit ’Monkey Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary’. 
 Your guide will tell the story and background of Monkey Island. On the way back we stop at a ecolodge to have lunch, relax and why not enjoy a swim in the pool or in the river.

Surfing in Robertsport, 2-3 days
Visit amazing Robertsport. Only a few in the surfing community knows about the miles of untouched golden sands, the clear waters and, the perfectly formed waves . Visiting the fishing village  of Robertsport leaves no one unaffected.

Buchanan and Edina, 3 days
Visit Buchanan and Edina to experience a piece of history and some of the most beautiful beaches in Liberia. Staying at a Cultural village you will experience the beauty of Liberian culture.

Hiking in Yekepa, 3 days
Tracking in Mount Nimba with a professional ranger. Visit the ’old mine’ in Yekepa. 2 night's stay in Yekepa.

SAPO National park, 3-4 days
Liberia’s only national park is a about 1300km2 containing some of West Africa’s last remaining rainforest. Within the park you can find elephants, pygmy hippos, West African chimpanzees, the Zebra Duiker,  antelopes and other wildlife. Please bare in mind that the animals suffered greatly during the civil war. Contact us for more information about this arrangement.

Discover Liberia and make your visit unforgettable


Pepperadventure’s trips are for those who are curious, enjoy challenges and like to experience something different.

Liberia is an amazing country with
a fascinating history, beautiful beaches and a marvelous sceanery.

Our values are based on our desire to contribute to Liberia’s development. Therefore Pepperadventure work with local suppliers and companies.

Please contact us for more information on availablility and price of the activity.

Ambrose Wiagbe, Representative and main guide in Liberia Ambrose Wiagbe, Representative and main guide in Liberia